Botcoin -vs- EVIL Global Bankers

gAtO rEaD – On October 25 2011 PayPal bent over and took it from political pressure to stop WikiLeaks, next came Visa and Mastercard. STOP so the bankers put pressure so we as free people of the world could not use our money to buy a product or a service. Not only in ONE country but by attacking them with the very nature of fiat currency – control by governments- this STOPPED THE WORLD from helping the cause. So now bankers control our donation to causes, to idea, to help STOP freedom of speech in cyberspace.

If you agree or not with WikiLeaks it was wrong, the next step STOPPED the WORLD (or the bankers and governments) WikiLeaks went to Bitcoins. The digital currency controlled by math and cryptology / and hackers—/ not by bankers and lawyers and politicians but UGH MATH…SUCKS

Credit Cards 2 BTC-Bitcoin – BTC-Bitcoin 2 Credit Cards

Imagine if your transactions were controlled and disallowed by law for and idea, a cause. Where would civil rights be today if laws controlled the money in our pockets. But wait today global bankers control every penny, in our pockets, they own whole countries and force them into austerity sometimes. I wonder if like people say China owns the U.S. I wonder if they call in the depth would we America fall into austerity. Oh by the way THEY OWN the U.S. already.

Let’s take a look at this election and the digital currency dance around. The Economist says “online spending for the 2012 elections will reach $160 million nationwide, six times higher than 2008. Others suggest a figure closer to $300 million. Mobile phones offer a big opportunity this time, as over half the voters have smartphones. About 10% of the donations have been sent via text or mobile app. More important is the integration of all the technologies like twitter, youTube, Tumblr and others platforms like Facebook with Paypal and other Web currencies.

On the other side of the -Bitcoin (ouch mEoW)- when the FBI and the Department of Justice seized the domain of poker sites in April of last year, they froze their assets. Now they are turning to Bitcoins and have found a way around that problem. Unless the FBI has their wallets and the password they can not get the money- legit business will look on this and learn. Special interest are those that deal with large amours of solvent cash were money laundering is done.

If crooks can hide their money so will hedge fund managers. Once again the tide has turned and digital money will rule specially in international interchange of goods and services. More and more merchants will adapt to the new currency and they will sell more and gain bigger profits. So governments better stop these attacks and adapt with the old guard and  learn how to use Bitcoins and other digital curencies and give power back to the people – you can’t stop the Internet and in the end digital currency will win—gATO oUt 


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