Bitcoin Ends October Down Nearly 10%, Still Up 137% YTD 2012 Sun Nov. 4 2012

gAtO wAnTeD- to understand the stats of BitCOins- to financial people they need stats and I hope some of these make sense. The hash rate is a geek thing but it is the most important this is how bit coins are created/ minted/ not controlled by a printing press but by the HASH calculation for the NEXT 50 BitCoins. When your trying to explain Bitcoins to someone these Stats make some sense to the average person to compare to fiat currency like USD $$ greenback.-gAtO oUt

1. Market Capitalization – historical by exchange rate

2. Pie Charts – exchange by 30-day depth and BTC/USD

3. Exchange Volume Distribution – mtgoxUSD – btceUSD – mtgoxEUR – bitstampUSD – vinwoxSLL – mtgoxGBP – intrsngEUR – btc24EUR -btcdeEUR – bitfloorUSD – virtexCAD – mtgoxAUD -btcnCNY – cbxUSD – mtgox.JPY

4. Network Hash Rate – difficulty of hash next new 256-block

5. Hash Rate Distribution – An estimation of hashrate distribution amongst the largest mining pools – BTC Guild – DeepBit – Slush – 50BTC – EclipseMC – OzCoin – Unknown – OTHER unknown

6. Number of Daily Transactions Per Day – trans/day

7. Daily Transaction Volume -USD Transaction Volume

8. Bitcoin Day Destroyed –Bitcoin Days Destroyed  since a high value for days destroyed indicates less hoarding and more old bitcoin on the move. It can be considered a measure of monetary velocity.

9. Average Transaction TIme – average (mean) amount of time in minutes that it takes for a transaction to be accepted into a block.

10. Largest Recent Transaction


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Bitcoin Monitor of the p2p digital currency

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