Dominate the Future with Bitcoin

gAtO tHiNk – money is what keeps score -but after the game is over it all goes back inside the box. We all play the game of money, currency has been around forever when we started to civilize the world the first thing we did was put value on skills then on objects.  Whatever the price in blood, sweat and tears money men though out the centuries have always found a way to keep the control of printing or minting currencies until today. Now the new digital virtual currencies is sweeping the world but like Bitcoins and a few others the bankers have lost control and they will stop at nothing to keep that strangle hold on currency everywhere.

As we research fiat currency we find that he who controls the quantity of bills/currency control everything. Why did the great depression start simple the money men spread rumors to bring down the price of everything so they could buy cheap assets. They control the flow of money and they started to reduce the amount of currencies and the breakdown began.

The rules of modern day man and humanity is totally imbalance. Let’s take a look at wars in WW-II if we used all the resources and energy that all sides used to make war and invested them into improving humanity we could of fed all the people of the world and made sure they were healthy. But the war machine is the engine that produces industry and industry supplies the money that rich men need to play their game that only they know how to play. Until Now!

Now the money men have driven us into mindless consumer machines where we stand around big lines on Black Friday and all the other Sale days (Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, Easter Bunny) that the money men put out and we fight with each other just to fill their coffers. We have watched the money men control politicians buying an election that was in your face for sale and they lost. This last election showed the world that people that have the power want to control everything with their money but they cannot if the people decide the right thing.

With the new digital currency we can beat the money men and their sick game to control all worldwide currencies. Today Bitcoins and other currencies are making the rounds and regular people in the digital world are using digital currencies and they the bankers and the money men cannot control this new currency because they cannot control the creation, the printing press that prints the money has stopped and now turns another way and the money men and bankers will now wage full war to kill these new currencies that are poised to united the world as one and maybe bind the world as one government and that alone scares the policy makers, politicians and bankers, they are the ones who love money the most and will sell their souls for a champaign contribution, their war chest full of money that they get to keep after the election to spend as they see fit.

Politics, Social Behavior or the environment: an explanation for the way things are that does not threaten the way things are. Why should someone feel unhappy or enrage in antisocial behavior when that person is living in the freest and most prosperous nation on earth? It can’t be the system! There must be a flaw in the wiring that people have somewhere.

We blame it all on addiction, addiction to food, addiction to energy, addiction to shopping, but it’s a simply addiction and control of money, the money men will give us a new way to shit, shower and shave – How many commercials have you seen that apply to these 3 basic things that all humans need. They bombard us into believing that make believe show on TV are real and we must act that way or we must not be normal.

Why doesn’t she buy the same dress as I do, she’s different she does not understand that society tells us how to behave and how to act. But the underlying truth is they (the machine) have taught us that we must buy toothpaste, and deodorant and what kind of toilet tissue we need to use.

If we do not comply with the masters of mad men in madison avenue and be what they say you are then that difference they cannot control and that is what digital currency has become something that they do not see but as it becomes more popular and more merchant and normal people use it then they lose control. What they cannot have is us people free from the debt and interest that they make us take if we want to make sure the the Smiths and the Jones have a big 62 inch TV and the same Car, and the same color and the same everything.

They have taught us good and we behave like a good puppy and maybe they will give you a longer Black Monday shopping day to give them more money on things you don’t want or need but you get to be normal and just like the rest of nobodies that follow the sheep herders from field to field.

Bankers are rewarded and this they called respectable social behavior and those that show the bigger/control profit gets a bigger bonus year after year. We even let them destroy the financial market and then after we bailed them out for their stupidity they gave themselves a raise on our dime. And we just let them go on and on.

Culture and societies are tied to currencies and some are more violent than others in acquiring money. The market – one of the things that humans have wanted as with the magna carter we wanted rights to be treated as equals to have land and to have a better living conditions. The Treatises of Government – The “one thing” that blocks this is the invention of money, and men’s tactic agreement to put value on it: Now we have property and goods that are produced by our own labor and the bankers want to control how we handle this to make sure that we are beholding to them or enslaved by them like a mortgage or a loan on a car they own it-/ you rent it from them only.

The wealth of Nations by Adam Smith said it best for the control of currency he states that we are “led by an invisible hand” of GOD. So property and good and service domestic industries are controlled by regulations and laws to protect us the people. They added GOD to make it seem like they are protecting us and make sure that all power of money is controlled by bankers and reinforced by nations.

If currency has value or not, it is up to us the people not the banks and governments. They tell us currencies like Bitcoins are evil! Only because they cannot control it. They tell us Bitcoins are only used by Hackers and Wikileaks and they are a bad corporation and so if they are evil and you use evil money then you are evil….You can use Visa, PayPal or Master-card to donate to Nazi, or Westboro Church but give it to a company that publishes the truth and they all get upset and put their panties in a knot…//

The free market capitalist system was invented by the powers that be to control us but they let us know that they are in control with rules, laws and regulations. Today we do not value society on the aspect of the quality of it people but we use financial terms like GDP and other financial markers to show how good we all are, but it’s all a lie to keep us happy. Gross Domestic Product, Consumer Pice Index, Inflation and stock markets is how we judge people and countries today instead of how it’s people are living and not the quality of life and it’s society values that are tied to the currencies of that state nation.

Inflation is when the bankers ramp up the printing press and prints more and more money to make sure that interest are paid up. Bankruptcy will happen to individuals, corporations and countries when they cannot pay the interest on the debt that is owed.

Debt is how they control us you see it put’s pressure on people and business and countries because of the pressure that debt put on people, they will work harder and longer and cheaper just to pay the interest and keep the bankers happy and that is a win win for bankers and politicians. CONTROL

IMF and World Banks and other are there to make sure that opportunities get pounced on. Take a poor country that needs money to invest in clean water well that country must go to find money and these banks that are control by for profit corporations give countries loans with high interest rates, then when they default they in act Austerity and setup sweatshops with no humans rights and rape all that countries natural resources and then these are sold back to the country as finished goods. Like what China is doing to the U.S.A today

That is why countries invaded because they have resources that others want to control. Then after the war we re-build and charge them big time after we bomb the shit of of their country in the first place. Then we give no-bid contracts to our banker friends to have a new revenue stream. War rebuilding is a big profit center ask any beaten nation how much they paid to rebuild. How much did we paid to make the bombs that we made and sold to our governments to make war.

The War-Machine-Industrial complex corporations have us first pay them to make the weapons of destruction and them after the war and destruction we help corporations make money by rebuilding what we destroyed and leave the peoples lives in ruin as they profit. We wonder why people hate these stupid profit wars. It’s a sad, sad world…

The bankers have played all their games, debt swaps, derivatives and all kinds of debt deals just to create money out of vapor like when they print money and add debt to the equation. This is the problem that bankers have with Digital virtual moneys.

Digital currencies would of not died if DigiCash or Egold did the right thing and not base their currencies on real money backed by Gold, backed by Silver every time they tried the bankers knew they could kill it with laws and governments that they control and now Bitcoin steps in and at first they did not mind it because there were so very little of it but as the price of Bitcoins has gone up more and more people are adapting to this new currencies and there lies the fault. As more Digital virtual currencies go into the other currencies mix there will be less and less fiat currencies to pay back the debt/Interest that is owed to bankers and there lies the BIG FEAR OF BANKERS.

Velocity of currencies is the real thing that scares them as more and more merchants and maybe even countries switch to this new form of uncontrolled and unregulated currencies the less money form the bankers printing press that that they need and so debt is reduced and now this lowers their income of the money men and that is not allowed. Check out the European Central Bank Report -October 2012..

The Monetary-Market System only has one thing and that is inequality and this is were Digital virtual currencies helps the inequality. Anyone can now become a miner and mine and create BitCoins and NameCoins so now they have lost “the control of quantity” now anyone any country or person can create Bitcoins and it’s beyond the regulators that are bought and sold to the highest bidder legally. Now Bitcoins and currencies like it have a new role in this old game we play and that takes away power from the bankers and governments and they will fight us all if this new currency goes wild in the streets like is has. We see that smartphones shopping has gone up almost 35% over last year and digital currencies will enable merchants throughout the world to make more money using this new currencies do you think that corporations will not want their cake and to eat it too.

But the adoption of this digital currency will only speed up the process that a new world wide digital virtual currencies will dominate the future. Bitcoins may not be the ideal currency but now that we tasted the ability to create our own currencies without debt this is a good thing and societies will use it more and more. If the “evil global bankers” do not stop it they will lose this game big time and lose some of the control they love to yield. The tide is coming with digital virtual currencies in the lead- gAtO oUt 


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