Bitcoin and Forex Trading

gAtO lEaRn-that FOREX means the foreign exchange market or currency exchange where one type of currency is traded for another type. —/ USD to CAN – United States to Canada currency. So Bitcoin is just another currency why can’t we get this running right. //and/or do we want real Forex in this phase of the development and adoption of digital virtual currencies??? So who is playing the game with BTC=(Bitcoin) and getting it right. Well let’s just say it is developing and the players are starting to get it right, “I think so Cisco”

Forex Trader

Bitcoinica is one of the first attempt to jump on a new technology and do everything wrong. clue: Any business in cyberspace and especially one that deals with money, make sure you have good security. How about make sure your password for your e-wallet is a good one (@#$%^&g(*rre#$%^1076#$%^) my favorite password free here use this you stand a better chance. If you want to read more about it see Ref: below but they are still around but the reputation was really damaged. They are a legend on the Bitcoin Forum on how NOT to do it.

But really let’s take a look at FNIB – and Bit4X –

FNIB has gone through fire and rain and have proven themselves to be real as anything in the virtual world is real. They have made great YouTube Video in a bunch of languages to attract the global and lucrative  Forex market with Bitcoin and Swiftcoin. What is Swiftcoin well they FNIB have taken the Bitcoin open source and tweaked it a bit and now they have their own digital currency, with their own miners they control everything. FNIB have down some excellent work and built great video on Youtube. They have stood against peers – Bitcoin Forum and survived but this morning -Nov, 29 0748 EST – I could not get to the website – It was working last night —/ problems /- we will have to see – if I was using their system and I could not get to the website or my trading platform and I have money in this account – I would be worried.

Bit4X – the  new kid on the block –  – Once again I have to go to the forum to see what the players are saying because they are always on top of everything Bitcoins and gAtO is only a beginner.  Nov, 29 0748 EST their site loads up quick – 3-4 page only – Yeah and they use an standard MetaTrader4 Forex platform so are they legit – this is only a few months old so time will tell if they flush out.

Mapping out the BitCOin

Mt.Gox is a Japanese company that is building trust and reliability in the Bitcoin community :Mt.Gox K.K. offers a unique service, facilitating the exchange of Bitcoins between users globally in the currency of their choice. Multiple currency markets allow users to purchase and resell their Bitcoins in up to 16 different currencies, along with the ability to securely store Bitcoins in a virtual “vault” for safe keeping. :

Once again I am not the best gAtO to talk about trading I only day traded in 2007-2008 and we all know how good that venture went but Bitcoin and Forex is a one to one relationship if you want to check out the Bitcoin charts  – check it out –  – gAtO OuT 

—Digital Virtual Currency That are used in the- Currency Exchange’s

Liberty Reserves – WebMoney-WMZ – LiqPay – QIWI – PayPal – OKPay – Payza/AlertPay – Yandex – UKash vouchers – SEPA bank transfer – USD,EUR,GBP (Credit & Debit cards via Skrill/Moneybookers) – CAD (cash deposit at Royal Bank, Bank of Montreal or ScotiaBank) – USD (Redeemable code from Mt. Gox) – USD (Dwolla) – USD (OKPay) – EUR/DKK (SEPA and wire transfer) – USD, EUR, GBP, DKK, SEK, NOK (Cash or check in the mail) –


MXN, EYU, BOB, BRL, COP, SYP, MAD, GHC, ZAR, CNY, CAD, and more (UKash voucher) –  SLL (Second Life)Linden-Dollar – GoldMoney – Pecunix

USD: United States Dollar – EUR: Euro – GBP: Great Britain Pound  – AUD: Australian Dollar – CAD: Canadian Dollar – RUB: Russian Ruble  – PLN: Polish Z?oty

– SLL: Second Life Linden Dollar – GAU: Gold gram (Pecunix) – JPY: Japanese Yen – CHF: Swiss Franc – SEK: Swedish Krona – DKK: Danish Krone – NOK: Norwegian Krone – NZD: New Zealand Dollar

Trust but Verify- is gAtO mOtTo.


Bitcoinica –


FNIB – Video –

Bit4X –

  • Fixed Rate Exchange & Other Information
    • The following exchanges are either exchanges using a fixed rate based on other markets or are exchanges that enable you to redeem smaller amounts of bitcoins at reasonable rates:
      • AutoMtGox Convert your bitcoins to US Dollars automatically.
      • Bahtcoin Trade BTC for Thai Baht, cash, LR, Webmoney, or Thai mobile and gaming prepaid cards.
      • BTC China – Market for exchanging bitcoins to and from CNY, withdraw CNY (Tencent, Alipay) and USD (Liberty Reserve).
      • Bitcoil Exchange BTC for ILS with bank transfers in Israel
      • Bitcoin Argentina Trades BTC for ARS. Cash and bank transfer. No exchange fees.
      • Bitcoin Brasil Cash exchange that redeems bitcoins for BRL, USD.
      • Bitcoin Nordic Sell bitcoins with withdrawal to PayPal or bank transfer.
      • Bitcoinica Leveraged BTC/USD contract-for-difference (CFD) trading.
      • Trade your BTCs for CZK. No-escrow, direct person-to-person trading.
      • bitcoin-otc IRC trading marketplace will usually have people willing to deal for small and larger amounts using various payment methods, including PayPal, Dwolla, Linden Dollars, etc.
      • Trade your BTCs for EUR (Bank transfer).
      • Trade your BTCs for EUR (bank wire, SEPA bank transfer, Liberty Reserve, Money Bookers), person to person, eWallet
      • bitcoin.local arranges for exchanging currencies in person with someone nearby
      • Bitcoins In Berlin Trade your BTC for cash-in-the-mail (EUR), in-person trande, Western Union, Moneygram, bank transfer or SEPA.
      • Sell bitcoins for (USD) cash in mail, check, money order, cash deposit, bank transfer, or dwolla. Buy bitcoins with cash deposit. Instant, live quotes based on Mt. Gox prices.
      • Trade your BTCs for EUR (SEPA bank transfer), GBP, USD, PLN, AUD, CAD, ZAR, ILS, CHF, and RUB as OTC with BTC Escrow.
      • Trade your BTCs for Colombian Peso (COP) as OTC with BTC Escrow.
      • BitPiggy Trade your BTCs for AUD (Bank transfer).
      • Trade bitcoins for Virtual Credit Card (VCC, and specifically Virtual Mastercard brand) sent through e-mail.
      • Convert bitcoins to MoneyPak straight from your Blockchain wallet (serviced from BTCPak).
      • BTC Buy Simple interface to trade your BTCs for Amazon, Barnes & Noble, NewEgg, ThinkGeek and Sears gift cards
      • Trade bitcoins for Amazon gift codes and iTunes (USD).
      • / Btcx Sweden || 0% above 80 btc || SEK || Bank transfers to most Swedish banks within 4-12 hours.
      • Canadian Bitcoins Buy/Sell Bitcoins in CAD and receive Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfer (TD Person Pay) or Interac.
      • Cartão BitCoin Convert your bitcoins to reload your debit card (offered to Brazilians, accepted at 10,000 locations in Brazil)
      • Coin2Pal Sell your Bitcoins and receive PayPal funds immediately.
      • Coinabul Trade your BTCs for Gold/Silver
      • Coinbase Sell bitcoins with proceeds delivered as a bank transfer (U.S.). Instant verification available for new accounts.
      • ECurrencyZone Cash out bitcoins to INR, BDT, MYR, SGD via bank transfer or cash deposited to your bank account. Also to Western Union, Moneygram, Citibank global funds transfer, Paypal, Skrill/Moneybookers, Payza/AlertPay, OKPay. Convert to digital currencies Liberty Reserve, C-Gold, Perfect Money, WebMoney and EGOPay.
      • FastCash4Bitcoins Sell your BTC and receive cash today. Over 100,000 BTC bought. Payments issued using your choice of PayPal, Dwolla, ACH (Direct Deposit), Bank Wire, Company Check, Cashier’s Check, or MoneyPak.
      • Mang Sweeney Use bitcoins to send remittance payments to the Philippines, in-person cash out in metro Manilla or from various remittance centers. Languages: English, Filipino.
      • Lilion Transfer Exchanges bitcoins for Liberty Reserve, Pecunix, AlertPay, Skrill/Moneybookers, PayPal, and more.
      • Nanaimo Gold Redeem bitcoins for Liberty Reserve (automated) or for money transfer, money order or direct deposit within Canada.
      • Spend Bitcoins Sell bitcoins for AUD (Australia). Redeem for bank transfer, AustPost reloadable VISA, bill payment and other various methods.
      • WM-Center Buy/Sell BTCs with withdrawal to International bank wire (USD, GBP, EUR/IBAN, RUB, AUD), Western Union, Moneygram, Liberty Reserve USD/EUR, Perfect Money USD/EUR, Pecunix, Paxum, c-gold, Hoopay, Anelik, Xoom, Skrill/Moneybookers, Neteller, cash, etc. 24/7/365 support in english, spanish and russian.
      • Location-based bitcoin to cash exchange.



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