Tor Bot-Net – OLD news

gAtO bEeN- writing about Tor and the Bot-nets for a long time. I first saw this on the Tor Hacker boards in Mar of 2012. Some of the boys were asking about IRC Bots in Tor a natural fit. But come on a Zeus Bot-Net is easy as pie to setup in a hidden service. The fun thing is you don’t even need to run Tor on the zombie machine with a simple tor2web and we don’t need any stinking Tor Software to communicate with my C&C. check out my Tor site  “ in Tor” from a Tor2web service like

https://https://otwxbdvje5ttplpv.onion USCyberlabs in Tor -onion site

It’s such a big surprise but not really to anyone that plays in Tor like Pierluigi (  ) and myself but as cyber security people we understand that any technology like Tor will be used by bad actors. The issue I have is why don’t we White Hats use Tor in the same way.

If I have a critical DB for my customers why not send them to Tor to get the information. Why can’t regular business use Tor to do as the bad guys. Shield others from going after my BIG DATA. Store it in Tor and have people get it from Tor -// use Tor2Web // so no excuse that I have to run the Tor software on the client. Come on Business People think TOR and Cyber Security – It’s not that complicated and it’s proven crypto network technology — hide-scada-in-the-tor-network-hiding-in-plain-site

Now if you want to make it even more secure – A Secret Hidden Service in Tor – would make it impossible for anyone but my clients from even having access to my Website – You see with out the Secret Token – You can’t even see my Tor Server….

BitCoin Miners Bot-Nets are real HOT in Tor Land and why not–// I can run my Bitcoin Miner Server on my Tor Box so once again you have no way to find my Server and I can do all my Mining Free and anonymous  in Tor.

BitCoin Miners can even be done when you land on a web Page – YES I can have a Web Page on my site that when you go to it- You are Mining Bitcoins for me – No loading of Software to your computer and as long as you stay on my webPage your Mining for me. I can keep the miner hidden or I can tell you about it. It can be sued  like a Charity- a Bitcoin miner that mines Bitcoins for a cause –/can be setup. But criminals will use anything even Tor to make money.

gAtO will be setting up a WebPage on my site but I will let the users know that they are mining for me while they stay on that page and when they leave they are clean -// no Anti-Virus crap —// So I hope that you keep looking at Tor and solve Real world problems like business BIG DATA in Tor hidden service WebSite –safe and secure — what a concept -Safe and FREE and private legal business in Tor— gAtO OuT


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