The Future of Bitcoin and Digital Currency

gAtO ThInK Bitcoin is fast becoming the new payment system of the cyber revolution. Just like Paypal it became a new virtual currency where anyone can stash their money and receive and make payment (a digital Bank). Notice that I did not say currency, why because it just like Paypal and we don’t call then a currency?merchant_Cards

PayPal enables any business or consumer with an email address to securely, conveniently, and cost-effectively send and receive  payment online. Now Bitcoin is doing the same thing but with a digital encrypted wallet, low transaction fees and I can even keep it in my smart phone or device and used it anywhere I need it. What’s the difference is my question why have the status-quo labels Bitcoins evil, because the underground uses it, no because the bankers have not figured out how to make money on it. The Central Europe Bank in charge of the EURO is already looking into Bitcoin Fractional Reserve Banking rates.

So they say that Bitcoins and other digital virtual currencies are evil and used by criminals. Pay pal is being used by millions of cyber criminals everyday so is Visa, Mastercard and SEPA and SWIFT. So why don’t we go after them, maybe gAtO is dumb but we should go after the criminals not the currency. When they counterfeit paper money we trash the paper but we go after the criminals. Thats why I don’t understand the reason to vilified a process, a system that works, is secure encrypted and safe, it can’t be counterfeited, they can’t double spend it. The only conclusion after many months of research is simple the bankers cannot control it and lose power.

The 1% the plutocrats of the world control all the currency and transaction system. They have sold us the fairytale that they are protecting us the consumers, the people. The financial people all tell us that they do everything in their power to protect us when in fact all they care is about you in debt and there profits and bonus checks. Every corporation is under law to provide the maximum profit to their shareholders, they will announce massive layoffs of people and their stock prices rise every time they do that.

Where are the companies that care about the people they employ, where are the companies that really help the community where they are. We hear about offshoring and using slave labor at Apple manufacturing plants and then we hear about 6-8 hour lines to purchase those same product. I want to blame the hipsters for wanting their new toys from child labor camps then asking if the organics vegetables are pure without pesticides. But I type away on my Mac so I’m just as guilty as anyone else.

Digital currency / transaction systems- Bitcoins-BTC – Liberty Reserves – WebMoney-WMZ – LiqPay – QIWI – PayPal – OKPay – Payza/AlertPay – Yandex – UKash vouchers – SEPA bank transfer.

It’s the current or existing state of affairs that the financial people want to protect they hate this change because they cannot control it. They know the loop-holes and how to hide their fortunes and something like a Bitcoin is a shot heard around the world and you know what people are listening -gAtO OuT.


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