Tor Users in South America

gAtO – was thinking about the different Tor users in Latin America while checking for a project and this made me wonder what is really going on. Let’s take a look at Brazil first:

All my charts will include from Jan-2012 to Jan 2013 –

Brazil shows from 170k users to 100k users this is normal for Brazil as one of the largest country in SA – But the problem I see right away is the Bridge Relays – these are the kinda secret OR that people use to hide if they think they are being monitored you can see that they have gone down Big-Time- why is this happening I have to ask myself. Is ti that people are becoming more confortable and do not fear the government or are the actual bridge-relays just going down.

Next We go travel Down to Chile:

and we find that they do not have any OR but they have from 1000 users toa high of 1800 users :

Some of the other things is I cannot find OR for quite a few countries Like SPAIN that is ODD and Argentina has over 8 sometimes 10 OR for a Tor users this just makes no sense I also checked for bridges OR but every where there use has gone down – I guess that they are becoming more confortable that Tor works and just go with normal automatic Tor selection.

Let go up and check out Mexico – this one took me by surprise – Only 1 OR – I will have to setup some more test with some new Tor Tools I am working on to get a better picture of what the heck is going donw with Latino Tor Users worldwide – – adios amigos- gATO oUt 

1_sa_ar_or 1_sa_ar_user 1-sa_br_users11_br_brazil1_sa_chile_br_usr 1_sa_chile_usr 1-sa_belize_usr 1-sa_columbia_usr11-sa_colunbia 1-sa_dr_usr 1-sa_ecuador_usr 1-sa_elSalvador_usr 1-sa_mx_bridge_or 1-sa_mx_tor-OR 1-sa_mx_usr 1-sa_panama_usr 1-sa_parguay_usr 1-sa_peru_usr 1-sa_pr_usr 1-sa_spain_usr11-sa_spain 1-sa_vebazuela_usr11-sa_venezula




















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