PEDO’s gAtO is Hunting YOU!

gAtO hAs – been meeting some very good people that have the ugly dirty job of going after pedophiles and gATO is sicken that this problem is becoming so big. I like most people hear of these sick wackos and my skin crawls but I am guilty of not doing anything to stop this. In my research into the Tor’s Dark Web I found so much ugly Pedo stuff but I always said to myself this is some else job but it’s not.

All cyber security professionals should work together to find and go after these sick bastards that haunt our children nightmare. When I first saw the “Pedo Bear Wiki” in Tor’s I was in shock at how they do business in plain site thinking that they are safe. This is also a big black eye for everyone because this does not just happen in Tor’s Dark Web but in the clear web were we all do work, and talk to friends. Facebook, Twitter is full of them, you may of added them as friends. In the normal Internet these people thrive and then they go into Tor and people start saying Oh well in Tor it’s all about these perverts. They give Tor a bad name because it works so well to mask you.

Be on Notice pedo’s that gATO has found ways to find you in the Tor-onion network. I can find the IP of your hidden-service website, I can also find your clients if your not careful. I am launching some Tor tools that I am developing that may allow me to find your IP and then your -geo location. I am working on some other offensive cyber tools to go after these Pedo Sites in the clear web and especially in Tor. So the hunt begins pedophiles you have been warned this coming year we will find you and destroy you then give the police a chance to lock you up for life. Yeah your safe in Tor, keep thinking that – gATO hunts for RaTz like yOu.


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