Is the TorProject protecting Pedos?

Update: 01-26-2013 – It seems that the is now threatening poor little gAtO because I voiced my opinions and disagree and question their practice of protecting pedophiles. So the TorProject that say’s they support “Freedom of Speech” now is trying to used it POWER to abuse people who disagree with them. This shows to me that I am very closed to the truth. Why would they be offended and why would they threaten a disable veteran that is only trying to help children by questioning it’s practice of supporting pedophiles in TOR.

This ABUSE of power upon the weak is what the TOR-Project claims it is trying to protect. This is the same tactics that corporations, governments that feel entitled think they can silence “Freedom of Speech” – Well Mr. Andrew Lewman of TorProject anytime, anyplace little boy. You are a coward to hide behind the Tor-Project and think you can get away with your abuse, your threats, your intimidation. gAtO is Ready- Fire at will.- hit me with your best shot.


gAtO hAs his ClAw’s oUt psssss- I have been working on a project to fight pedo website in the Tor-onion network – (The Dark Web- the underweb) what ever you want to call it. We all know that Pedophiles as well as other criminals are hiding their websites inside -Tor-hidden service. So I contacted one of the torproject people – we will call him Andrew.

When I told them that I was working on getting rid of Pedo websites in Tor and I asked “why they just don’t delete these URL from the directory”, he told me:cyber_speech

“It’s so toxic, most law enforcement cannot touch it either. You should report these links to“> at a minimum. See for the longer explanation.”

—The Missing Kids network cannot do anything about websites in the Tor-network –hidden service.—/

This made me sick from the TorProject site –We refuse to weaken Tor because it would harm efforts to combat child abuse and human trafficking in the physical world, while removing safe spaces for victims online. – SAY WHAT!!! – Here we are we know the URL of PedoBear and hundreds of Pedo site in the Dark Web and they keep the real directory of all sites in the 10 Authority servers – they could just go and delete these known Pedo websites and then they would have to generate another URL and re-advertise and get back the customer base.

“Hay Anonymous we need your help”

You ever wonder why everyone vilifies the dark web (Tor) this is the reason why, get a clue TorProject.

That is a lot of work for these monsters – We in the cyber security field know all this and if we can get together and help we could help these children and protect them from these cowards. No, No the Torproject is so arrogant and delusional that they make these statements on their website and – well that’s all I have to do. – gAtO don’t get it.

I respect the efforts of the TorProject and what they do to help “freedom of Speech in cyberspace” this is my core belief, but to claim to help child abuse by leaving these sick website online. – That is madness – I cannot believe that Roger and Jacob worked as hard as they did to build such a great tools that is saving lives but when it comes to children they turn a blind eye.

I hope they see this post and think of the millions of children that suffer because they choose to do nothing. I hope they sleep well at nights knowing that pedophiles are loving their Tor-hidden service where they can do whatever they want with children and get away with it.

Shame on you TorProject – all I can say is that gAtO will work hard to find and destroy these websites.

 – we have rules and pedophiles have no rules –not on my watch

I know behind the Tor-hidden service is just a basic website with the normal vulnerabilities and from my research some of these use old web apps that are vulnerable. So be warned gAtO  is a gray hat and I’m hunting you. I will find you and exposed you, I will expose your family,  I will shame you, I will send you to jail in what ever country your in, were I hope they treat you like you treated these helpless children.

TorProject I expected more from you, I expected you to have a heart and help these helpless children- gAtO oUT



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