Finding Tor Websites –geo-location

Finding Tor Websites –geo-location

gAtO tHiNkInG- to find Tor-hidden service-website geo-location we must understand Tor and how it works better. Figure 1 shows us how a basic Tor connection is made. Let’s take a closer look, to understand the weak points in Tor and to find the location of the Tor-hidden service-website:Tor-connection

1,2 and 3 are how a Tor-hidden service-websites tells the world that it is available to the world. 4-5 and 6  create the map’s to the location of the meeting between the client and the HS. 7,8 and 9 are the key’s to finding the website…

The HS –hidden service needs to advertise that it’s available thru the IP –introduction points to the DS- Tor-DNS –so other Tor-clients can find them. The workload of data exchange goes on between the RP -Rendezvous Point and the client and the Tor-website.


All Tor connection have 3 relays they must use to connect to the Tor-network.

Client–|> 1.Entry-node 2.Relay-node 3.Exit-nodeHS-website

1. Tor weakness :-A hidden service uses 3 IP and/or 3 RP as part of the ”descriptor information“ so the TOR-DNS can find the site.tor-passive_attack111

a}. To find the geo-location we need to find the 3RP for a HS-website and direct our crawlers to crawl from 8 different geo-location– the delay signals from all location should be the [same/different] from the RP to the HS. This data with data from the OR should give us enough information to tag a location to these signals.

B}. –this is part of the information that is kept in the ”descriptor information“ that the Tor-DNS (directory service) uses to find and connect to the hidden service-website.

We will now have 8-Tor servers  from different worldwide locations finding these 3 RP for the target hidden service-website. Once we have the geo-location of the RP –using  network delay signals that we collect with our cralws. This data can give us triangulation information using data correlation to find the geo-location of the target- Tor hidden tor-relay_01service-website. At least in threory it works, we have started testing some of these new ideas and will keep you posted. So far we can find the country of the target hidden service-website but we need to come closer and get a pinpoint location without an IP address with our medthod of triangulation and data correlation – gAtO oUt


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