Do You Want To Play a Cyber War Game China?

gAtO rEAd – (Reuter) – that Beijing, China will next week conduct its first “digital” technology military exercise, state media said on Wednesday, against growing concern in Washington and elsewhere about Chinese hacking attacks. They will test new types of combat forces including units using digital technology amid efforts to adjust to informationalized war.Cyber-War

So now we have our physical military forces loaded up on technology so back-room generals and politicians can see the takedown of Osama-Bin-Laden- Think about how much technology these foot soldiers had to carry, all this telemetric gear run in cyberspace – live.

Now add digital forces to these conventional forces were we can manipulate the soldiers own wet-ware with typical cyber hacking attacks. Because our new conventional warfare is so digitized digital-forces running with tactical units is the new battlefield-normal.

 “It will be the first time a People’s Liberation Army exercise has focused on combat forces including digitalized units, special operations forces, army aviation and electronic counter forces,”

While America has been fighting conventional wars for the last 10 years CHina has been developing digital offensive weapons as we digitized more of the worlds infrastructure. Huawei telecom- backdoors in the firmware would your government use these Chinese vendors. Lot’s of countries are gearing up for digital warfare so that China is showing off it digital prowlless – nothing new – gAtO oUt


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