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China Cyber Attack -AGAIN

gAtO tHiNk- about 2½ years ago I was reading about the Glass Dragon and Dillion Beresford ( one of my heroes) was just snooping in China, peeking and poking with a translate button. gAtO tried it and you know what – was born. China may of been working in cyberspace for the last few years but here was proof that their infrastructure is just as shitty as ours is. china-computer-hac_1963116c

Like a gAtO I walked on by in the cyber China firewall and beyond, translated by google most of the time and the number of basic open SCADA and other sites WIDE open. What got me really hfffffiisssss gAtO mAD was that our side was doing squat. Here we where doing security like I did before I retired. Come on 6-8 years and you guys still have that same PIX firewall full of holes, outdated patches and some nameless Chinese Telecom that has installed it’s routers into the US infrastructure, come on dude, that’s not right, who approved that purchase order.

Huawei has been dropping great deal all over the world while we been in 2 major wars, China has been making friends in the Tell-com business and at one point directing 15% of all Internet traffic thru China for almost 1 hour. THAT IS BIG boys and girls.

Today China cyber warfare is no longer just talk, we have accepted it as part of life, because it is. In cyberspace there are no geo-political barriers to figure out. “They have no rules and we do”, so who do you think is going to win..ummmm let me think.// I been preaching cyber offensives solutions for a while now and yes I know the legality of it all. check out China Jinan -PLA – 12 Universities – high Tech Zone – one of the high tech China center 4 warfare – open sites…

From and old cyber hippy if you give it away to the protocol then anyone can collect it. Google, Yahoo, hell most department stores take every click, you make and store it, and dice it, and slice it, data farming -BIG DATA- to see how they can make YOU SPEND MORE MONEY on the WEB—Now if we apply the same rules that business is doing and apply it to the bad guy’s then hay we may have a good security solution. We can even apply the same practices that the bad actors use and use it ourselves. By the time you see me in your logs it’s too damm late, I’m-gAtO oUt


Anonymous Attacks China CyberWar

gAtO sEe – @AnonymousChina has started a new Hacktivist operation in China. gAtOchecked some of these sites, and they are still down. After Mr. Dillion Beresford epic trip to cyber China back one year ago (Glass Dragon: China’s Cyber Offense Obscures Woeful Defense) and showed us how bad China’s security really was and still is today. Anonymous will have Lulz in China’s digital hacker heaven.

Anonymous for all their trolling, hell raising, pranking for the Lulz have to face the facts that they have also developed a political conscience. (SpiderMan) “With great power, comes great responsibility”

Gabriella Coleman, an anthropologist who specializes in digital media, hackers and the law, describes today’s Anonymous as an octopus with tentacles in both regional and international politics.

“It was so interesting to see this phenomenon that was all about Internet trolling and hellraising and pranking develop a political conscience. But it was so contained,” said Coleman, who teaches at Mc-Gill. “Then in the last year and a half, it has burst out of this niche and grown tentacles of all sorts.”

AnonymousChina PasterBin post is below and yes some of these sites will be down for a few  weeks or longer for one they don’t have the talent to fix these low hanging fruits. The Chinese are training new Cyber Warriors but their efforts are more offensive and recon that defensive from the open government sites I have seen in China in my travels (cYbEr ToUrIsTa)– gAtO oUt

Mass Deface by @AnonymousChina

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China cyber capability puts US forces at risk-report | Reuters

US supply chain could be penetrated by China – report Risk of “catastrophic failure” of US networks cited Congress weighing cybersecurity billsBy Jim WolfWASHINGTON, March 8 Reuters – Chinese cyberwarfare would pose a “genuine risk” to the U.S. military in a conflict, for instance over Taiwan or disputes in the South China Sea, according to a report prepared for the U.S. Congress.Operations against computer networks have become fundamental to Beijings military and national development strategies over the past decade, said the 136-page analysis by Northrop Grumman Corp released on Thursday by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission.

via China cyber capability puts US forces at risk-report | Reuters.

Iranian ships reach Syria, Assad allies show support

Russia, China and Iran showed support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Monday, days before an international meeting likely to pile more pressure on him to step down in the face of an increasingly bloody uprising.

Assad met a senior Russian politician in Damascus, who reiterated Moscow’s support for his self-styled reform programme and spoke out against any foreign intervention in the conflict, Russian and Syrian news agencies reported.

China accused Western countries of stirring up civil war in Syria, and two Iranian warships docked at a Syrian naval base, underscoring rising international tensions over the near year-long crisis.

Government forces pressed on with their crackdown on the anti-Assad uprising, with opposition activists reporting five people killed in renewed shelling of an opposition-held district of Homs and troops and militia blockading Hama. Both cities have been in the forefront of the revolt.

via Iranian ships reach Syria, Assad allies show support | Reuters.

Iran China Cyber BFF

GaTo tHiNkthat we are naïve not to see the new cyber BFF relationship between these two countries.    Iran feigns that relations between the two countries are “cordial”, but it’s complicated. Iran has spent billions of dollars in it new digital infrastructure and China’s Huawei corporation is taking a big chunk of the cyber dollars as we seen with the US investigations into the company.

Iran-Cyber-Guard Network

Last year China was accused of a number of cyber attacks of espionage and Intelligence gathering and now they are transferring that hacking knowledge to the Iranians. The “Iranian Cyber Army” had hacked a few popular social networking site and claimed their dominance in the cyber world but this was mainly a few Iranians militants now with the purchase of the new equipment the real Iranian Cyber Army is getting it’s feet wet. Iran was accused of hacking in Voice of America Farsi website, Twitter as well as Baidu, Dutch government-funded Radio Zamaneh, which also broadcasts in Farsi. My only question is did they go after China’s Baidu.

**”- With the United States and Israel as the developers of Stuxnet the first cyber weapon to be deployed gAtO can see why the Iranians are worried **”-

The biggest hacking by the Iranian CYber Army to -gAtO was Comodo Group. This was the Dutch certificate authority that the hacker created 9 major fraudulent certificates sites for companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Skypes and Mozilla. The names say it all these were speculated to be used by the Iranians to monitor it’s own people.

**”- seizing entry to such high-traffic consumer sites looks like a government attempting surveillance of Internet use by dissident groups.**”-

gAtO found out that Chinese agents who began work for the Iranian regime in early 2011, are providing Tehran with significant intelligence information. The Iranian officers who were assigned to contact the Chinese agents are using aliases and claim to be businessmen from other countries. China, which imports 11 percent of its oil from Iran thinks it OK for a little spying (between BFF’s) going as long as they can do the same with Iranians agent recruitment by China.

With the re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in March 2, 2012 The Iranian cyber polices will certainly be on the lookout for the protesters that are guarantee to protest empowered by the Arab Spring last year. China will do it’s best to keep the U.N sanctions as open as possible during this time-frame, for Iran as long as trade and their mutual enemies keep hammering them in cyberspace. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Last year a PBS and Frontline published the activities of Iran’s Cyber Army have attracted growing notice in the Iranian and international media. The suspicion that the Cyber Army’s constituent hacker groups are connected to the Iranian government was strengthened when, after several sites were hacked, they issued warnings to the Green Movement. The scope of the measures taken by the Cyber Army discredits the theory that a group of Ahmandinejad’s admirers spontaneously carried out such acts. The nature of their communications and of the sites targeted for attack indicate that there are hidden hands (China mAyBe)  that support the Cyber Army.

Let’s hope this BFF relations comes to an end soon. – gAtO oUt


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Chinese price controls will hurt U.S. companies, says Lugar | MassDevice – Medical Device Industry News

Sen. Dick Lugar (R-Ind.) warns that China’s proposed price controls on med-tech products will hurt Chinese patients and American companies.


Sen. Dick Lugar (R-Ind.), the head Republican on the Senate’s Foreign Affairs Committee, warned Chinese officials that its proposed price controls for medical products would hurt American companies and Chinese patients.

The letter from Lugar comes as China decides how to best provide basic medical care to all of its 1.3 billion citizens by 2020.

The U.S. med-tech industry is eyeing the future market, but worries that China will opt for price controls that would dig into industry profits and make expensive American devices less competitive, according to

via Chinese price controls will hurt U.S. companies, says Lugar | MassDevice – Medical Device Industry News.