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Bitcoins are Under Attack

gAtO tHiNk – the monetary system is f%^k and so are we.  My good friend Pierluigi and I have been busy putting together a new bookDigital Virtual Currency and Bitcoins – coming out in a week or so and the picture of the state of all currency is really in bad shape. Virtual currency is not new it is more a transactional system than currency but unlike PayPa, Visa, Mastercard with Bitcoins you can become a miner and create your own coins. check it out- 2002_currency_

I have include the table of content so you can see our approach to understanding what is happening and the war that global bankers ar wagging on this new system of currency. Why are they fighting it so hard because more people are beginning to see that a currency that is not control by global bankers and by the people and for the people is a better solution. Of course they are vilifying Bitcoins but as other systems have tried to get their teeth into this new worldwide currency Bitcoin come out on Top.

We hope that you will gain some knowledge from our newest venture into this mad, mad world of money- as they say “Follow the money” and we did but I can tell you the more I learned the madder I got that we have been tricked into thinking that the global bankers are the good guy. Facts is the world is in debt over 10 times over just on interest alone. The world owns more than we create – THE WORLD not a nation. and if look real hard 1% of the people control 40% of the wealth in this world. It is not a national issue it’s a world issue.

We are just cyber security professional but this has been an eye opener as we see the Monterey Market System as a sham to keep the people of the world in an ever ending debt -gAtO OuT

You can pre- order just send us a message-

Table of Contents


Digital Virtual Currency and Bitcoins

   Digital virtual Currency Steps In: 

1. What is Digital currency: 

Digital Currency:

Shadow Economy

   System D and technology 

   The Cyber Underground 

   Black market payment 

   Perfect Money 

   Liberty Reserve 




Digital Currency -Trust Thru A Consensus 35

Where does Digital Currency get it’s value? 35

   Trust Thru A Consensus 37

Cyber-War Digital -Vs- Global Currency 39

Cyber Death Of The Banking Industry 42

   Those that control the quantity of currency have all the power. 42

   Cyber Fixed Rate Exchange 2012 43

System D- Bitcoin’s Underground Economy 47

Digital Currency and Policy Makers 50

   American Express Gamer Digital Virtual Currency 50

   Facebook Credits 50

   Google Bucks 51

   Moba-coin 51

   Mastercard 51

How a bit coin Transaction Works: 53

   Iran and Bitcoins: 53

2. Who uses Digital Currency 55

Bitcoin -Vs- Evil Global Bankers 55

   Credit Cards 2 BTC-Bitcoin – BTC-Bitcoin 2 Credit Cards 55

Case Study Black Market Silk Road 57

Money Laundering in -The Digital Virtual World- 63

   Games: 63

DC -Digital Currency – Launder CASH to Bitcoins 64

USD (Major banks, 7-11, Walmart, CVS) 64

Bitcoins cannot be traced back to the Owner 65

Happy Satoshi Nakamoto -Bitcoin- Day Nov 1 67

   money $$ with – NO GOVERNMENT  – NO BANKS 67

Underground Financial Networks 69

   Reloadable Debit Cards – Basics 69

Western Union /MoneyGrams Basics 71

   E-currency Basics 73

   Trust Networks Basic 76

   Borrowed Bank Accounts / Underground ATM cards 77

   Mule Networks 78

Global Bankers Fear Bitcoins 79

   European Central Bank report October 2012 report: 81

Secure Bitcoin Trading Online 84

   Introduction: 84

   Credit Cards 2 BTC-Bitcoin – BTC-Bitcoin 2 Credit Cards 84

   Creating a secure identity: 85

   Setting up OpenPGP email 86

   Use Bitcoin-OTC 87

   Using the Web-Of-Trust 87

   Use an escrow 88

3. Digital Currency Financial Stuff 89

Bitcoin and Forex Trading 89

   But really let’s take a look at FNIB – and Bit4X – 90

Bit4X – the  new kid on the block – 90

Digital Currency 92

Top Ten Bitcoin Financial Charts 92

Virtual Currency Schemas 

Virtual Currencies and banking, disaster or opportunity? 98

   Price stability 99

   Risks to financial stability 99

   Risks to payment system stability 100

Bitcoin Still Up 137% YTD 2012 102

   Geek Stuff – API to Bitcoin Block 103

Buying bitcoins 104

   Major Exchanges 104

   Exchanges are listed in alphabetical order. 104

   Fixed Rate Exchanges & Others 118

   Direct / Bulk Buying 123

   Other Financial Services 123

   Physical Bitcoins 124

4. Legality of Digital Currency 125

Bitcoins entities and possible legal responsibilities 125

Law enforcement and financial institutions against bitcoins 127

Legality of Bitcoins-Digital Currency? 130

   Virtual Currency Real or Not 130

2012 timeline of the legality of Bitcoins around the world: 133

5. Governments and Digital Currency 142

Government -Vs- Bitcoin Anonymity 142

Canadian Mintchip And Bitcoins -Whats Up 147

   The MintChip System 148

   Hosted MintChip (Cloud Account) 148

   Transactions-Sender and Receiver 149

   MintChip Value 149

   Sustainability 150

   Architecture 150

   The MintChip – Value Creation 150

   The MintChip – Security Overview 151

6. Business and  Digital Currency 152

Merchant Tools for Digital Virtual Currency 152

   A basic overview of the Payment Gateway follows 153

   List of Features and Advantages 153

   Mt.Gox “Pay Now” Button 154

   Now supporting Magento! 154

Mt.Gox instant Merchant API 155

7. Cyber Crime Digital Currency 156

Cyber Crime Digital Currency 156

Cybercrime and Anonymous Cyber Economy 158

   Impact of digital currency schema on financial ecosystem 158

Digital currency schemas 160

Money laundering 165

Theft of digital currency 170

   Malware, the new generation of digital robbers 174

   Bitcoin Botnet Mining 176

   Deep Web, Botnet and Bitcoin mining … a dangerous mix 183

Counterfeit digital currency and double spending attacks 190

   A race attack 192

   The Finney attack 192

Bitcon and money laundering 194

   Simple scenarios for money laundering 196

How To- Digital Money Laundering 199

   Digital Currency ExchangeExchangers 2010 202

8. Bitcoin and Digital Virtual Currency 204

Get a Bitcoin Wallet and Make FREE-BitCoins Yourself 123 204

   My Mining Machine 205

Bitcoin Miners Pools and how it works – 206

Bitcoin Wallet 210

   Who, What and Where is a Bitcoin Wallet? 210

Bitcoin Qt 211

The beginning of the Bitcoin question 214

   What is the Bitcoin Distribution Network? 214

   Analysis of the model 216

   The model 216

   How does Bitcoin work? 218

Bitcoin  exchange operates as a bank 222

Welcome to the Dot-BIT project 226

Miner: 226

   Current Miners 228

   OZCoin – 228

   P2Pool 229

How Anonymous is Bitcoin? 231

   What Users Can Do To Increase Anonymity 231

Bitcoin Mining Scam 233

   The Bitcoin Miner Scam 234

   Bitcoin Scam -How does it work? 235

Satoshi Nakamoto, the manhunt 238

   Who developed Bitcoin Virtual Currency Schema? 240

9. Future of Digital Currency 246

Bitcoin and Digital Currency in the New World 246

Dominate The Future With Bitcoin 248

10. Geek Stuff Digital Currency tools and tricks 256

Address Tags 256

   What Are Address Tags? 256

gATO Mining Rig – Information 258

   ATI Radeon HD 4670: 259

Bitcoin Miner for Websites 260

   Quick Start Guide to add the Miner to your website 260

   Explaining the Miner to your visitors 261

   Fees 261

   Requirements 262

   Advanced Usage 263


Legality of Bitcoins-Digital Currency?

gAtO gOt –Questions -Virtual Currency Real or Not- Reward Point, or bonus dollars and other forms of digital virtual currencies are normal for credit cards, online game sites, social networks and other specialty merchants and websites it all about true and branding. This new revenue stream is something that merchants are becoming aware of without knowing or understanding the legal aspects of this new digital currency world.

How does digital currency work in governments or does it – is it tax free, can I take campaign contributions with Bitcoins?

There are federal laws about digital currencies (gift cards) that impose inactivity fees, refunds and unused currency to states or regulatory statue in different states, now apply this to the global online stage. Then throw in the 2009 Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act and the state and federal gift certificate taxes and were do Bitcoins and others fit in. This could be a big financial mistake for budget starve cities, states and countries it’s a worldwide problems. mobile_transaction_01

So how does a merchant handle Digital currency if they decide to accept it for legal goods and service. For example My Book is for sale on my website using Mt.Gox BTC-Bitcoins – So how do I report my Bitcoins Sales 1.8 BTC so how does the Tax man handle the BTC-Bitcoin transaction?? If they accept Bitcoins then they are legal tender as long as I show sales and pay my Tax they now become legal tender by the State, and federal governments??? Right or is Bitcoin just like a Cash sales??? – These are the questions that need answers today, not tomorrow. I would think that governments may be losing revenue if they don’t think about how to handle virtual currencies transactions and incorporate them into the grand scheme of things (also known as red tape).

As smartphones and mobile pad devices increases worldwide more and more global customers are jumping on board. In the Asian gaming world it’s unstoppable people cannot not stop the online addiction and at a such a cheap price people in far away places are getting connected and this new market is a gem for corporations worldwide and e-currencies of any kind will be the new norm. This Jump in mobil devices and games alone will give digital currencies a gigantic boost. These new inexpensive mobile devices are taking farmers in remote villages and bringing them to our modern society very quickly. merchant_Cards

Mobile devices are going worldwide today reaching the remotes corners of civilization and connecting everyone. And they want to spend $$$$$- money- $$$$$

This new mobile computer platform is changing the social and financial aspect of the worldwide landscape. All digital currencies that users accept in and believe in will be accepted. Merchants cry —I don’t care how you pay me as long as you pay me. The privacy aspect of this new currency is another thing that makes this very attractive. When anyone (governments/hackers) can pull your bank records and see every transaction you made.

They know everything every transaction? do they ? -did you know that with Bitcoins all transactions are visible – so we all know someone paid 1.2 BTC and transferred it to wallet_X. You can create a new -alias-wallet for every transaction and this way nobody will ever see your real wallet number. We can hide the wallets, encrypt it, back it up in paper, we can have many wallets and change them so keeping your transactions private is free it comes with the Bitcoin protocol. This is why governments say that terrorist use Bitcoins and other digital currencies to do their evil business,-NAW- well a suitcase full of CASH does the same thing and without and exchange rate to transfer it to my fiat currency… so that fear tactic does not work.. next

Consumers and merchants demand and acceptance of new digital currency has begun and the “jeane is out of the bottle”. These new digital virtual currencies can have very positive aspects in terms of financial innovation and the provision of additional payment alternatives for consumers and that is real competition.

Japans Moba-coins are a fine example: “While popular gambling-style kompu gatcha titles — in which users pay for coins to win prizes — are being eradicated from Japan, DeNA notes that its Moba-coin virtual currency was nonetheless used in a record $689 million worth of transactions in the country”. this revenue stream is only from 40-50 million users imagine when we all hop on this bandwagon.

money009There are many examples of others developing virtual currencies for gaming: NHN Japan offers a global gaming virtual currency called Line Coins; KakaoTalk in Korea offer virtual currencies called Chocos; and Tencent’s Q-Bi in China is firmly entrenched as a virtual currency. All of these are driven by mobile internet gaming services and the real killer will be when the major payments processors get into the virtual payments space.

The legality of Bitcoins have been debated all year long around the world -France, UK, Brazil, United Sates, California, New Hamshire, New York City, Germany, Finland, Italy and even Franklin, TN, USA.

As the price of Bitcoins hovers around $13-14-USD from a low of $4.5-USD this summer. It has attracted the interest of Forex and other players. With the European Central Bank (they control the EURO) report on Bitcoins to be a real thing are getting serious. Then a month later Bitcoin-Central ( French company, Paymium ) becomes the first Bitcoin Bank to carry out functions of payment service provider like PayPal and Dwolla unit of currency. Remember Bitcoin was built to operate completely outside the influence of governments and financial institutions but now Bitcoin is a financial institution.

Whether Bitcoin takes off or not is not the question, some virtual currencies is going to explode thanks to merchants, consumers, in-app gaming via social media and things that have not been created so far. You may disagree, but the aggregation of large amounts of small payments is effectively building a virtual currency system. go to and watch the transactions live, check out the “Bitcoin Top100 Recent Transaction”, I seen 124k, 150k 100 times in 1 hour-/ of course trying to track the wallets down to and IP is kinda impossible but mistakes can happen.   network

As we are seeing in New Hampshire allowance to take Bitcoin for campaign contributions put’s Bitcoins directly in the U.S bulls-eye. After this latest presidential election cycle here in American we saw that money is the language of politics and Bitcoins will play a role in our next presidential race 4 years away. Oh did I mention that Bitcoin is only 4 years old on Jan 9. 2013 imagine what the virtual digital currency and Bitcoins will look like in 2016. So are Bitcoins sales like a cash type transactions for governments and are they legal. I think that it’s still in debate but governments running deficits should allow any currency that brings in taxes to the coffers. Are Bitcoins Legal – stay tuned -gAtO OuT

Bitcoinica Rise and Fall from grace:

Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco

Case Number: CGC-12-522983



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Digital Currency -Why is half the world unbanked?

Why is half the world unbanked? The defining characteristic of the unbanked is less that they have a lower income level than the rest of us but the fact that, lacking stable or formal jobs, they tend to be paid with less predictable regularity and in cash. Whether they are farmers, day laborers, traders or micro-entrepreneurs, nobody is guaranteeing them where their next dollar will come from. And yet they are probably earning some money on a more frequent, perhaps daily, basis when they sell their wares or their labor for cash. Small wages paid with high frequency make for very small payments. Unstable income makes it hard for them to commit to time-based financial products. Banks’ offerings are indeed stacked against them.


Three representations of money
Let’s formalize the banking challenge. Making financial services relevant to poor people entails connecting three different clouds, as represented in Figure 1:


figure 1 chart

   A physical cloud of hard cash (or, worse, specie currency,) which is the legacy payment system on which most poor people operate today to exchange and store value.
A digital cloud where money is just an accounting record. This constitutes an alternative payment system, and is where financial services ought to reside. Making money digital makes it easier to supervise the integrity of transactions and accounts, to create new financial products and to move money around as a mere debiting and crediting of accounts.
A neural cloud in people’s brain, through which people form their ideas and habits around money in the context of their circumstances, their needs and their aspirations. It is through this cloud –the mind— that people interpret the range of informal and formal financial services proposed to them.


The opportunity with mobile phones 
Connecting these clouds is the job of financial institutions. Mobile phones’ digital communications capabilities, combined with their increasingly pervasive presence in people’s pockets, hold significant promise to connect these clouds in novel, cost-effective ways.
Mobile phones allow for a ubiquitous, low-cost deployment strategy. If transactions can be initiated remotely through a secure electronic channel (ensuring the proper authentication of transacting parties and integrity of the data transmitted) and authorized in real time (ensuring that all transactions are pre-funded,) then banking transactions can be safely taken outside of bank branches and into neighborhood stores (which act as cash in/out outlets) or right into customer hands (with mobile banking as a self-service channel.) This particularly helps with the exchange and transfer functions in Figure 1.
Beyond reducing costs, mobile phones also permit customers to interact more directly with their banks, checking balances and initiating transactions from wherever they are. Using mobile phones as the access device offers the customer a level of immediacy, convenience and control that no other channel can provide. The real power of mobile will come when it is seen not only as a mechanism for reducing access costs but also for building new types of banking experiences that begin to approximate how people think about their money – the plan function in Figure 1.


Local shops as bridges to cash
In the first instance, in order for poor people to opt to formal financial services, we need to dramatically increase the number of bridges between the cash and the electronic clouds.


Figure 2 chart
The bridge at the top of Figure 2 is big and imposing: let’s call it a branch. But it´s way too costly to build in every village and neighborhood. It’s efficient to build in high-traffic locations, but smaller communities on the river will need to travel significant distances to access it. To service these smaller communities more effectively, what we need is a whole hierarchy of smaller bridges that are appropriate in different environments.
The bridge at the bottom is no less safe than the top one given the stream it is trying to cross; it is entirely appropriate given the risks involved. Just don’t build this type of bridge to cross the river at the top. The bridge analogy underscores the principle that improving the economics of serving poor people shouldn’t be done by relaxing safety standards; it should be done by deploying the appropriate infrastructure given the risks involved in each case.
Unlike the bridge at the top, the bottom one is cheap because building it requires materials and skills that are available locally. So we can now afford to build many more of them. How to build the small bridges to cash? Start by using the bricks and mortar of retail shops that exist in every village and neighborhood. They are more convenient, less crowded, and, chances are, more friendly to customers than the bank branches. But is it safe to deposit at these retail outlets? It can be, as long as these shops trade entirely with their own stock of both electronic money and cash, and transactions are properly authorized in real time.
Think of how they might sell rice: they hold a stock of rice, and after a sale, they end up with a little less rice but more cash than before. They make a small margin in between. Making a deposit at the store would be the same thing, except that the commodity the shop stocks and exchanges for cash is electronic money sitting in its bank account. After the transaction, their bank account will have less value but they´ll have more cash in the till. The customer´s situation will be the mirror opposite. The store earns a small commission for the service and it will attract customers into the store.
Risk can be eliminated as long as electronic value can be transferred securely and in real time between the shop and the customer. We can ensure this with a traditional card and point-of-sale infrastructure, but even that is too expensive. Instead, we can use mobile phones which already exist in people´s pockets, as a virtual card and point-of-sale system.
Using stores and phones that already exist, we could increase the number of places where people can deposit and withdraw by 10 or 20 times, relative to the number of bank branches that exist today. Only then will banking begin to be convenient for the majority of people in developing countries.

Bringing personal back into banking
If you don’t have a stable, predictable source of income; if you are not literate or not comfortable with basic mathematics; if there are no computing devices available to you: how then do you budget? A time-tested way for people to budget and discipline themselves is by separating money into distinct categories and savings vehicles (represented in Figure 3, below.) You might have relatives who still do.
Whenever such people have some extra money, they are likely to set some aside for their children’s school fees, and that might be hidden under the mattress. They might also set some aside for the bicycle they want to buy to be able to get to town faster, and that money may fund the monthly contribution to the rotating savings club they run with their neighbors. They might also want to build a cushion to pay for any family medical emergencies, and that goes into keeping more chicken in the backyard.
This kind of separation of funds helps in two distinct ways. First, people are more easily reminded of how much money they have for each purpose.
They can easily check how much more they need for each savings objective. Second, all their savings is accounted for, in the sense that it has a defined purpose. Money under the mattress is not general liquidity, it is money ear-marked for their children’s education. This mental assignation of a purpose to each savings vehicle helps them avoid the temptation to use those funds for other less important purposes.
If this is how they manage their financial lives, it should be no surprise that they find bank accounts unhelpful, even if they are conveniently available. Expecting them to regroup all that value and dump it into a single account goes against the grain of the financial education they have received from their parents and grandparents. If banks want to capture people’s money, first they need to capture electronically how people think about their money. Cracking the savings problem requires incorporating into a formal banking service the kinds of tools and tricks that people use daily to plan their financial lives and build discipline, and that includes the explicit separation of money for different purposes.
In a recent paper, I have shown how this might be done easily by allowing people to send money to themselves at future dates. In many African countries, people are used to sending money to each other (across space) in real time using their mobile phones. If we expand this capability to allow them to transfer money to their future selves (over time,) they will then have a tool for managing not just today’s payments but tomorrow’s as well – a planning tool.


Figure 3 chart
The key to linking the mental and digital representations of people’s money is therefore to put financial planning at the center of the provider-client relationship. This helps them understand how they can use new banking products to reinforce the financial mechanisms they have always used. In addition, clients’ financial educations will grow with usage, which in turn opens up new possibilities for client development.
This would require a fundamental shift in the nature of the conversation between banks and their clients. Now it’s fundamentally about the bank’s products: get this account, buy this product, get this loan. But imagine a bank that never uttered the words ‘savings’ or ‘loan,’ only ‘bicycles’ and ‘school fees’ and ‘retirement.’ The account would be pretty much the same for all –simplicity!—but each customer would experience it differently. Each customer would associate a different set of goals and dates with various pots of money, and the bank would have a different understanding of what they need and what their credit risk profile is.
The objective is to endow mobile financial services with as much richness of interpersonal interactions as possible. But it will certainly be impossible to electronically capture the subtlety of informal financial relationships. To bring effective financial services to millions more poor households, providers need to continue developing a high level of intimacy with their customers. Those relationships help providers learn from customers and permit them to propose the right thing at the right time. It might be hard to visualize such a service, but I am pretty certain it can’t be done without mobile phones.

Original -by Ignacio Mas -  

Bitcoin and Forex Trading

gAtO lEaRn-that FOREX means the foreign exchange market or currency exchange where one type of currency is traded for another type. —/ USD to CAN – United States to Canada currency. So Bitcoin is just another currency why can’t we get this running right. //and/or do we want real Forex in this phase of the development and adoption of digital virtual currencies??? So who is playing the game with BTC=(Bitcoin) and getting it right. Well let’s just say it is developing and the players are starting to get it right, “I think so Cisco”

Forex Trader

Bitcoinica is one of the first attempt to jump on a new technology and do everything wrong. clue: Any business in cyberspace and especially one that deals with money, make sure you have good security. How about make sure your password for your e-wallet is a good one (@#$%^&g(*rre#$%^1076#$%^) my favorite password free here use this you stand a better chance. If you want to read more about it see Ref: below but they are still around but the reputation was really damaged. They are a legend on the Bitcoin Forum on how NOT to do it.

But really let’s take a look at FNIB – and Bit4X –

FNIB has gone through fire and rain and have proven themselves to be real as anything in the virtual world is real. They have made great YouTube Video in a bunch of languages to attract the global and lucrative  Forex market with Bitcoin and Swiftcoin. What is Swiftcoin well they FNIB have taken the Bitcoin open source and tweaked it a bit and now they have their own digital currency, with their own miners they control everything. FNIB have down some excellent work and built great video on Youtube. They have stood against peers – Bitcoin Forum and survived but this morning -Nov, 29 0748 EST – I could not get to the website – It was working last night —/ problems /- we will have to see – if I was using their system and I could not get to the website or my trading platform and I have money in this account – I would be worried.

Bit4X – the  new kid on the block –  – Once again I have to go to the forum to see what the players are saying because they are always on top of everything Bitcoins and gAtO is only a beginner.  Nov, 29 0748 EST their site loads up quick – 3-4 page only – Yeah and they use an standard MetaTrader4 Forex platform so are they legit – this is only a few months old so time will tell if they flush out.

Mapping out the BitCOin

Mt.Gox is a Japanese company that is building trust and reliability in the Bitcoin community :Mt.Gox K.K. offers a unique service, facilitating the exchange of Bitcoins between users globally in the currency of their choice. Multiple currency markets allow users to purchase and resell their Bitcoins in up to 16 different currencies, along with the ability to securely store Bitcoins in a virtual “vault” for safe keeping. :

Once again I am not the best gAtO to talk about trading I only day traded in 2007-2008 and we all know how good that venture went but Bitcoin and Forex is a one to one relationship if you want to check out the Bitcoin charts  – check it out –  – gAtO OuT 

—Digital Virtual Currency That are used in the- Currency Exchange’s

Liberty Reserves – WebMoney-WMZ – LiqPay – QIWI – PayPal – OKPay – Payza/AlertPay – Yandex – UKash vouchers – SEPA bank transfer – USD,EUR,GBP (Credit & Debit cards via Skrill/Moneybookers) – CAD (cash deposit at Royal Bank, Bank of Montreal or ScotiaBank) – USD (Redeemable code from Mt. Gox) – USD (Dwolla) – USD (OKPay) – EUR/DKK (SEPA and wire transfer) – USD, EUR, GBP, DKK, SEK, NOK (Cash or check in the mail) –


MXN, EYU, BOB, BRL, COP, SYP, MAD, GHC, ZAR, CNY, CAD, and more (UKash voucher) –  SLL (Second Life)Linden-Dollar – GoldMoney – Pecunix

USD: United States Dollar – EUR: Euro – GBP: Great Britain Pound  – AUD: Australian Dollar – CAD: Canadian Dollar – RUB: Russian Ruble  – PLN: Polish Z?oty

– SLL: Second Life Linden Dollar – GAU: Gold gram (Pecunix) – JPY: Japanese Yen – CHF: Swiss Franc – SEK: Swedish Krona – DKK: Danish Krone – NOK: Norwegian Krone – NZD: New Zealand Dollar

Trust but Verify- is gAtO mOtTo.


Bitcoinica –


FNIB – Video –

Bit4X –

  • Fixed Rate Exchange & Other Information
    • The following exchanges are either exchanges using a fixed rate based on other markets or are exchanges that enable you to redeem smaller amounts of bitcoins at reasonable rates:
      • AutoMtGox Convert your bitcoins to US Dollars automatically.
      • Bahtcoin Trade BTC for Thai Baht, cash, LR, Webmoney, or Thai mobile and gaming prepaid cards.
      • BTC China – Market for exchanging bitcoins to and from CNY, withdraw CNY (Tencent, Alipay) and USD (Liberty Reserve).
      • Bitcoil Exchange BTC for ILS with bank transfers in Israel
      • Bitcoin Argentina Trades BTC for ARS. Cash and bank transfer. No exchange fees.
      • Bitcoin Brasil Cash exchange that redeems bitcoins for BRL, USD.
      • Bitcoin Nordic Sell bitcoins with withdrawal to PayPal or bank transfer.
      • Bitcoinica Leveraged BTC/USD contract-for-difference (CFD) trading.
      • Trade your BTCs for CZK. No-escrow, direct person-to-person trading.
      • bitcoin-otc IRC trading marketplace will usually have people willing to deal for small and larger amounts using various payment methods, including PayPal, Dwolla, Linden Dollars, etc.
      • Trade your BTCs for EUR (Bank transfer).
      • Trade your BTCs for EUR (bank wire, SEPA bank transfer, Liberty Reserve, Money Bookers), person to person, eWallet
      • bitcoin.local arranges for exchanging currencies in person with someone nearby
      • Bitcoins In Berlin Trade your BTC for cash-in-the-mail (EUR), in-person trande, Western Union, Moneygram, bank transfer or SEPA.
      • Sell bitcoins for (USD) cash in mail, check, money order, cash deposit, bank transfer, or dwolla. Buy bitcoins with cash deposit. Instant, live quotes based on Mt. Gox prices.
      • Trade your BTCs for EUR (SEPA bank transfer), GBP, USD, PLN, AUD, CAD, ZAR, ILS, CHF, and RUB as OTC with BTC Escrow.
      • Trade your BTCs for Colombian Peso (COP) as OTC with BTC Escrow.
      • BitPiggy Trade your BTCs for AUD (Bank transfer).
      • Trade bitcoins for Virtual Credit Card (VCC, and specifically Virtual Mastercard brand) sent through e-mail.
      • Convert bitcoins to MoneyPak straight from your Blockchain wallet (serviced from BTCPak).
      • BTC Buy Simple interface to trade your BTCs for Amazon, Barnes & Noble, NewEgg, ThinkGeek and Sears gift cards
      • Trade bitcoins for Amazon gift codes and iTunes (USD).
      • / Btcx Sweden || 0% above 80 btc || SEK || Bank transfers to most Swedish banks within 4-12 hours.
      • Canadian Bitcoins Buy/Sell Bitcoins in CAD and receive Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfer (TD Person Pay) or Interac.
      • Cartão BitCoin Convert your bitcoins to reload your debit card (offered to Brazilians, accepted at 10,000 locations in Brazil)
      • Coin2Pal Sell your Bitcoins and receive PayPal funds immediately.
      • Coinabul Trade your BTCs for Gold/Silver
      • Coinbase Sell bitcoins with proceeds delivered as a bank transfer (U.S.). Instant verification available for new accounts.
      • ECurrencyZone Cash out bitcoins to INR, BDT, MYR, SGD via bank transfer or cash deposited to your bank account. Also to Western Union, Moneygram, Citibank global funds transfer, Paypal, Skrill/Moneybookers, Payza/AlertPay, OKPay. Convert to digital currencies Liberty Reserve, C-Gold, Perfect Money, WebMoney and EGOPay.
      • FastCash4Bitcoins Sell your BTC and receive cash today. Over 100,000 BTC bought. Payments issued using your choice of PayPal, Dwolla, ACH (Direct Deposit), Bank Wire, Company Check, Cashier’s Check, or MoneyPak.
      • Mang Sweeney Use bitcoins to send remittance payments to the Philippines, in-person cash out in metro Manilla or from various remittance centers. Languages: English, Filipino.
      • Lilion Transfer Exchanges bitcoins for Liberty Reserve, Pecunix, AlertPay, Skrill/Moneybookers, PayPal, and more.
      • Nanaimo Gold Redeem bitcoins for Liberty Reserve (automated) or for money transfer, money order or direct deposit within Canada.
      • Spend Bitcoins Sell bitcoins for AUD (Australia). Redeem for bank transfer, AustPost reloadable VISA, bill payment and other various methods.
      • WM-Center Buy/Sell BTCs with withdrawal to International bank wire (USD, GBP, EUR/IBAN, RUB, AUD), Western Union, Moneygram, Liberty Reserve USD/EUR, Perfect Money USD/EUR, Pecunix, Paxum, c-gold, Hoopay, Anelik, Xoom, Skrill/Moneybookers, Neteller, cash, etc. 24/7/365 support in english, spanish and russian.
      • Location-based bitcoin to cash exchange.


Money Laundering scenes in -The Digital World

gAtO look – at 2 different Money Laundering scenes in -The Digital Virtual World-


Farmville, Second Life and World of Warcraft these 3 games have been used by organize crime for money laundering. here are 2 examples —

How2-1– An item in a virtual game world have value in the real world – In China (game sweatshop-and other places) they set up sweat shops for games and get people to play the game. Then they take any magical Item that they find and they pay them off but then take the Item and sell it to other players for big bucks. It’s a a game sweatshop – When they setup shop in small Chinese towns this is an attraction and people flock to free games and computers.  game sweatshopsound’s like not a big deal but they make them play for 20-22 hours a day slave labor for game items…

Mapping out the BitCOin

How2?2 Stolen Credit Cards Launder Money in the Game World: Now we take the same game and show you how criminals use games to pass profits from stolen credit cards.  This is another way that the criminals scam CC. We know Credit Cards (CC) number are stolen every other second in cyberspace so now they take these credit cards and buy virtual Items in these game sites and then sell them to others for clean money. This simple method works they setup an account milk it for a few weeks and then destroy it and move on to the next ID.

DC -Digital Currency – Launder CASH to Bitcoins

So if a CrimeBoss has a lot of cash he can send his men down to-// Walmart, 7/11 or CVS Pharmacy -// and purchase MoneyPak then they can setup accounts online and exchange these MonyPaks to Bitcoins (how about MrBitCoin)- Now once in this world they can be exchanged for goods and service and even converted to Pre-loaded $$ CC (Credit cards) and just spend the new clean money anywhere they want to. Also even if they get busted they get to keep their BitCoins ?WHY? because they forgot the password to their wallets and without the password well the government does not get the money. As MrBitCoin shows below – it’s international so we can now take money from USD and convert it to AUD- RUB- BRL- INR and it goes thru non of the traditional channels. Why doesn’t Law enforcement tackle this in your face transfer of wealth – evil global backers- are keeping and eye on all these affairs..

— If you rob a bank you go to jail – a bank robs you they get a raise — this all may be changing the order of things..

MrBitCoin  – 

  • Fixed Rate
  • AUD (Cash deposit – Westpack and Commonwealth Bank)
  • USD (Major banks, 7-11, Walmart, CVS)
  • RUB (Qiwi and Cyberplat through BitInstant)
  • BRL (Boleto through BitInstant)
  • INR (Cash deposit – HDFC Bank)

Problems: Bitcoins cannot be traced back to the Owner

Since 9/11, counter-terrorist agencies have  tracked the flow of money to identify transactions that match the profile for money laundering or involve the account of a person suspected of terrorism or with links to a terrorist network. Agencies are empowered to instantly freeze such accounts. With BitCOins this cannot be done – the Wallet is encrypted with a password so unless they are legally forced (or tortured ) to give the passwords – these laws will have to change to adapt to the new Digital Currency (DC) and how things work. The global bankers will have to adapt or their industry will die.

The theory is that, by denying terrorist and criminals groups access to their money, authorities can stop them buying munitions and small arms and paying for suicide bombers. This approach has been highly successful in identifying and dismantling terrorist networks. Now they need to adapt and learn how this new DC works because it cannot be stopped.

A few days ago WordPress (bloggin platform) the 3rd largest Web-App in the world accepted Bitcoins the Bitcoin market responded because now as more and more merchants use Bitcoins they cannot stop the flow. People are free to spend their money and the capitalist love it when people spend money – Come on GOLD is nothing but a ROCK – when your hungry Gold do do a thing folks…

Merchant will use Visa, PayPal BitCoins and they will see the lowest transaction fee’s they seen in years PayPal and Visa charge up to 3% but Bitcoins can be as low as .005% that’s a very small chunk of the profits so  business will like that more. You can’t print any more Bitcoins that is controlled by Math and crypto  – So “eveil global banker” your move next – you can’t say only criminals use Digital currencies legit business use it now – So get ready cause here it comes  – gAtO OuT 

Happy Satoshi Nakamoto -Bitcoin- Day Nov 1

gAtO wAs- thinking about one of my heroes SATOSHI NAKAMOTO only 4 years ago November 1, 2008 he posted the research paper describing a new digital currency called BITCOIN. He cracked the problem that had stumped cryptographers for decades a DIGITAL CURRENCY convenient and untraceable with no over site from any government or bank.


gAtO’s –> gAtOmAlO sAy – I am Satoshi Nakamoto

Ecash was the first as early as 1990’s but they failed because they relied on governments, banks and credit card companies. Banks and governments own us, the bank owns your house that your paying off, You pay tax’s on your property while the bank owns it. We all pay interest and the bankers live only for interest.

As anyone can see it’s in the best interest of all banks and governments that all world wide digital currency fail, unless they control it. It’s NOT only numbers, math and cryptology that makes these bankers shake in fear. But losing control of peoples moneys. Who Wins?  It’s the people immune to printing press happy -Federal Reserve bankers having all the control. The bankers cannot control this new digital currency control by people that have Nose rings -/ so they vilify these people -/cyberpunks that spread the word of their guilt. They make Bitcoins evil- Wikileaks is evil -the scum in the black market like Silk Road-  and Black MArket Reload use it so it’s evil –with your logic all Bitcoin is evil,

So congressman, senator when you paid that hooker on our tax dollar, when you pay the young man to have sex with you from Ohio – the swing state –/ the US  money you use is as EVIL as Bitcoin because it was used in a evil crime…. Evil is evil, money is money. simple to gATO sorry I rage—-

Political pressure has been payed by the banker to People like Senator Schumer which I used to like SCREAMED at the DEA to SHUT DOWN Silk Road which he called “the most brazen attempt to peddle drugs online that we have ever seen” – Yeah Silk Road is still ONLINE last I check. I guess the DEA can’t mess with cryptology and math. It’s science guy’s it basic and simple and elegant and it works. Tor onion network uses math and cryptology and it works so why can’t a digital currency like Bitcoin work.

BITCOIN CANNOT WORK – it’s beta software boy and girl – SATOSHI told us before he disappeared (2010) as he appeared ” in mystery” . SATOSHI is a cult hero “invisivle and  anonymous”– he warned us when he saw Wikileaks use Bitcoins as a donation tool -(this was the introduction of BITCOINS to the whole wide world -/- that it was still to early –/Bitcoin was only 2 years old at the time/  – SATOSHI  final words were “Bitcoin is pocket change (21 Million max Bitcoins) the heat you bring (from the exposure to the gov’s and banks and the world) would likely destroy us at this stage”.

SATOSHI was trying to warn us that the Software Bitcoin is only the beginning of digital currency. As gAtO see’s it in his loco-world mind view —/ If the people control their own money, next people will want to govern themselves and THEY have seen the effects of the Arab Spring and other cases were “the people” took back their country back from currupt politicians. Follow the -DIGITAL currency – gAtO oUt